Scholarships of First Presbyterian

Scholarship Program Overview (Word Format)


Anne Bluedorn Book Scholarship Fund

Created in 2006, the Anne Bluedorn Book Scholarship Fund serves as the primary recipient of gifts and bequests of members and friends of First Presbyterian Church who wish to leave monies to assist students in their purchase of books for their education during their first year of college education.


Backlund Scholarship Fund

Named for its contributor, Vaughn R. Backlund, a longtime member of First Presbyterian Church, this fund is to be used for scholarships for students who have the grades and potential to benefit from further education after completion of high school. The students chosen need not have the highest grades in their graduating class, but must have acceptable grades which are high enough to reasonably assure their success, and they must be in financial need.


Scholarship Packets (Word Format)

Anne Bluedorn Book Scholarship

Backlund Scholarship